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Da Baby Jumps On The Remix Of YG’s ‘Stop Snitchin’

Considering his recent troubles with concert goers and Louis Vuitton store hecklers, I’m sure Da Baby doesn’t have the slightest amount of respect for “snitches”. It only makes sense that he would be apart of the remix of YG’s “Stop Snitchin.” Not only was he apart of the official remix, he also appears in the music video.

The song opens with YG listing the qualities of a “bitch n***a”, he makes it clear that he won’t be associated with a guy who has the characteristics of snitch or bitch type of guy. To fit the stereotype that YG describes a guy would have to display a weak mentality, disloyalty, and insecurities. One line that stood out from YG’s first verse was “You got fear in your heart so you cooperate, I can’t stand how bitch n***as’ operate”, with this line he’s implying that so-called “bitch n***as* cooperate with the police out of fear, and he doesn’t respect that type of behavior.

Cooperating with the police basically describes snitching, so it brings us back to the song title “Stop Snitchin,” the title of the song has a diverse meaning because while it says stop snitching it also says stop being a “bitch n***a” because according to YG a snitch and a bitch are one in the same. YG’s flow and delivery on the song go toe to toe with the underlying quirky and fast-paced beat. The combination of the beat and YG’s flow automatically creates a song rhythm that can be guaranteed to stimulate head bopping!

With the remix only being a little under three minutes long it doesn’t take long for Da Baby to chime in with his well known outlandish and cocky similies. The beat of the song is one that mirrors many of Da Babys’ own songs. His delivery on the single shows that he clearly was at home with the quick-paced beat. His flow on the track oozes and drips with confidence and superiority, which is to be expected from him considering his usual spitting style. Being the one to always one to make a joke, Da Baby’s seen in the video playfully acting out his lyrics as he delivers them.

The music video footage wasn’t very alluring, the director kept things simple. The “Stop Snitchin” remix is very energetic and fun however, there was a lack of visual diversity in the music video. There were subtle pops of color, props and animation but not enough to keep up with the actual song. The director made up for bland visuals with rapid switching scene shots. The shot changes were in sync with the song’s beat, which allowed the video to keep up with the beat of the song despite the lack of visual aids. The music video’s setting is simple and very similar to that of YG’s “My N***a” remix music video which features Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan and Meek Mill.