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Jim Jones ‘My Era’ Music Video Pays Homage to ’90s Hip Hop Era

Get ready for a Paid in Full style flashback with Jim Jones, Maino, and Dramas’ new music video for the song “My Era.” The song is featured on Jim Jones new album El Capo, released on May 31, 2019. The music video was created by freelance director and producer, Shula The Don. The music video matches up with the reminiscent story-like song lyrics. The opening scene of the video immerses the viewer into an ’80s style late-night in Harlem; the scene mimics the opening scene of the 2002 film Paid in Full. As Drama croons out the catchy chorus, footage of classic luxury cars are rolled across the screen and an up-close look at a “Dapper Dan” style Gucci car upholstery is captured. Jim Jones verse begins with the line “We got fresh watching the Dapper Dan era, I’m from that come up short smack you and your man era”. The line is an opening to what the song is all about, growing up in Harlem during the evolution of hip hop, he subtly pays homage to the hip-hop culture while also highlighting the crack epidemics of the ’80s and ’90s.

His first verse goes on to feature a variety of metaphors that play on the relationship between today’s hip-hop culture and the past hip-hop culture. His flow is familiar, it’s laced with his traditional Harlemite cocky swagger that can be found on earlier hits like We Fly High, Dipset Anthem, and I Really Mean It. The song’s demeanor is one that true fans can be appreciative of.

Jim Jones’ new video can be found above.