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Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Trailer Announces Final Season

The whiskey-fueled machine known as Jessica Jones is back with an all-new season. Season three of the Marvel produced show is set to air on June 14. This will be the show’s final season on Netflix. Despite the unexpected announcement, the show’s cancellation follows a pattern and truly comes as no surprise.

Prior to the cancellation of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, there was the cancellation of Marvel’s Luke Cage, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. The discontinuance of these series is no coincidence considering Disney’s announcement of their plans to develop a streaming service of their own. As the owner of Marvel, Disney owns the rights to the characters depicted in the Marvel/Netflix productions. With the new streaming service and the cancellation of all Marvel/Netflix productions there hasn’t been an announcement of any new Marvel character shows coming directly from Disney. However, there has been an announcement of Marvel character shows set to premiere on Hulu.

Although the name Disney won’t be slapped across the streaming site, it will still be reaping a profit from the Marvel/Hulu productions. Having purchased Fox earlier this year, Disney automatically inherited sixty percent ownership of Hulu. The Marvel/Hulu productions won’t include any of the Marvel/Netflix characters so fans may be saying so long to Jessica Jones for good or until Disney’s streaming service is made available to the public.

The season three trailer reveals a new side to the Jessica Jones presented in the previous seasons. Jessica has been captured and is defenseless. Despite her super strength powers, she has become a literal and physical victim at the hands of an unexpected predator. From the trailer, viewers can see that Jessica’s usual carefree and laissez-faire demeanor are the cause of her capture and possible demise.

The trailer for the third season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones can be found above.