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Jelly Drops Music Video For “Twin”

SossHouse signee, Jelly speaks about his lack of trust in others via “Twin.” The beat, which is produced by his long-time friend and mentor Pi’erre Bourne, combines video game elements with a space trap soundscape. The song comes off his 2022 project, The Wolf of Peachtree 2. 

While dropping his bars with a menacing flow, Jelly speaks about his method of protection before elaborating on why he stays to himself.

I’m walking with some sticks, they sweeping like a mat (Ayy, ayy),” Jelly spits. “Ayy, these niggas, they some snitches/I can’t trust him, he a rat.” 

Following this, the rapper unveils that his main focus isn’t on dating but his fortune. From there, he informs the opps of his hittas and explains what happens to those who cross him. 

Photo Creds to Jelly’s Team

I asked him if he know you, man, I heard you didn’t slide (Ayy, ayy, damn)/Ayy, you wanna look like me? It cost a bag to get this fly,” he raps. “Ayy, counting so much money, man, it’s ’bout to blow my high (Ayy, ayy, damn)/These niggas talking shit and I’ma put ’em in the sky (Wolf)/Fuck around with Jelly, man, somebody gon’ die.” 

The rest of “Twin” finds Jelly rapping with conviction about his greatness. 

The music video, directed by RareXano / Ceez / Marko Visuals, sees Jelly in the Big Apple. Some scenes show Jelly at the bodega and other notable parts of New York. Another noteworthy scene highlights Jelly performing at Pi’erre’s “Good Movie World Tour.”