DJ Suss One

Steven “DJ Suss One” Sussman is diverse and equally talented in all three specialities every DJ should have: He rocks the club, produces hit records, and fills radio air waves with his uncanny style and upbeat energy.

Suss got his start in the music industry interning for Sony Music and becoming a DJ at iHeart Radio’s Power 104.1 in Hartford, Connecticut. For two years, he traveled back and forth from Connecticut to New York and in turn was rewarded for his hard work and dedication with his own slot in the largest market in the country – New York City – on iHeart Radio’s Power 105.1, where his show is still going strong present day.

There is where he was introduced to Mariah Carey, and invited to DJ her 2006 Emancipation of Mimi Tour. Suss was also her official DJ during her residency performances at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. His career later expanded to Hip Hop Nation on Sirius XM satellite radio, exposing him to an international audience for years to come. Currently, he can also be heard on Maryland Live 97.5 and Jam’n 94.5 Boston.

But it doesn’t stop at DJ’ing or radio for Suss One. He recently launched The Feature Presentation Studios enterprise, which provides 3-in-1 entertainment. First, the blog offers credible movie/music news covering the latest buzz in and around the entertainment industry, holding true to its tagline Where Movies & Music Meet.  Second, the music department locates, develops and presents upcoming recording artists and future stars to the world. Finally, the films department – which has the intention and ability to produce exciting high-quality independent films and other streaming content – was founded by DJ Suss One to tie his love of movies in with his dream of making blockbuster films that everyone will want to experience.

Suss One stands out in the music industry because he has been a success in all that he’s tested his hand at. He has over 200 promo mix albums, residencies at the top clubs, three hot radio shows, and has been noticed by the hottest gossip columns including – amongst others – Rush and Molloy in the NY Daily News and the notorious Page Six in the New York Post. His talent and unwavering drive has brought him recognition as a celebrity in his own right.