LeA Robinson

At just twenty-four years old, New Jersey native singer/songwriter LeA Robinson is already best known for her voice within the music industry, television appearances, and consistent work as a young humanitarian. Affectionately known as The Granddaughter of Hip-Hop, LeA is also the granddaughter of musical legend Sylvia Robinson, founder of Sugar Hill Records. With strides toward carrying on her family’s legacy while still managing to create her own, she has released her much anticipated album entitled Broken Girl, following up with her latest single ‘Sorry’.

Additionally, LeA has helped launch the International Year of Youth with the United Nations and has toured to multiple schools promoting anti-bullying and self love, reaching over 20,000 individuals. She travels the world not only just to sing her heart out, but to enlighten and motivate people with her powerful words and affirmations wherever she may go. Keep an eye open for LeA Robinson as she continues on her journey to showcase her talents and humility to the world.