LeA Robinson
LeA Robinson is an American singer, songwriter, recording engineer, actress and humanitarian. Born and raised in New Jersey, LeA is no stranger to the music industry. Affectionately known as ‘The Granddaughter of Hip-Hop’, she is the granddaughter of musical legend and hip-hop pioneer Sylvia Robinson, founder of Sugar Hill Records. LeA is making strides of continuing on her families legacy as well as creating her own.

LeA’s first performances ever were in her grandmother’s kitchen along side legendary neighbor, Ronald Isley. Being surrounded by legends from an early age, she would soak in as much knowledge as possible from the people that came around. When she wasn’t in school, she would join her Sugar Hill Gang family on the road with American boy band, NSYNC.

At the age of fifteen, LeA joined a group with her best friends called The Bonde. The group used their voices and partnered with the United Nations and Amnesty International bringing awareness to human rights issues like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). LeA was then able to help launch the United Nations International Year of Youth. During this time of LeA’s life, she made her first large television appearance on the MTV series My Super Sweet Sixteen.

After the disbandment of The Bonde, LeA continued her music career releasing her first solo album, Broken Girl. This album was predominantly written by LeA, and she coproduced her very first song. Less than 5% of the people creating the sounds, music and media in the daily soundtrack of our lives are women and LeA is included in that small percentile. She executive produced, recorded, mixed and mastered her entire album.

After the release of Broken Girl, LeA became a lead cast member in her families hit reality television show on Bravo TV, First Family of Hip-Hop. During this show, LeA released a fun and vibrant single entitled, Hey Young Boy featuring a combination of English and Spanish lyrics. This song put a new twist to the original classic hip-hop single Hey Young World by Slick Rick.

LeA’s love for giving back, has been attached to every part of her life. At the age of seven years old, LeA partnered with award winning non-profit organization Comedy Cures. She volunteered, performed and/or engaged in motivational speakings at these programs for the ill and underserved around the globe. Today LeA continues her works with the Comedy Cures Organization and has even traveled to the Bahamas working with the Lend A Hand Organization to give insight to children interested in music.

Today, LeA is gearing up for the release of her third single, Do It For The Gram as well as finishing up her second album. This New Jersey native continues to showcase her talents and humility to the world. The legacy will continue.