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‘Moana 2’ Trailer Shatters Records and Shares A New Wave of Adventure

Get ready to hit the seas and set sail!

Walt Disney Animation has officially set the stage for Moana 2 and fans to take a trip this Thanksgiving! With a surprise statement earlier in the year that sparked excitement for fans of the original film, the sequel serves to bring audiences back to the enchanting Polynesian environment that captivated hearts all across the world from the beginning.

Making its debut back in 2016, Moana became one of Disney’s most acclaimed animated projects in recent years. In fact, Moana – voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, the main character in the movie, immediately became an iconic Disney figure. Seamlessly joining the collection of cherished characters despite her humorous refusal to be branded as a princess. With its amazing animation, connecting characters, and timeless music, it received two Academy Award nominations and grossed about $700 million worldwide.

An Expanding Universe

Given the film’s success, it was only natural for Disney to delve deeper into Moana’s vibrant universe. In 2020, Disney announced the development of a television series backed by the basis of the film. However, updates on this project remained rather quiet, seeming to be rumors. In 2023, Disney and Dwayne Johnson revealed that a live-action remake of Moana was in the works—a bold decision given the original film’s relatively recent release.

However, many who hoped for a sequel rather than a remake have had their wishes granted. Earlier in February 2024, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the previously announced series would be turned into a feature film, Moana 2. Unlike other Disney animated features, which take many years to make, the timeline for Moana 2 appears to be coming sooner than later, as shown by the teaser trailer that was released alongside the announcement.

First Look Announcement Teaser Trailer | Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios Moana 2

A Trail Of Teasers

The anticipation began building with a brief sixteen-second first look revealed in February 2024. The teaser opens with a breathtaking view of an island at sunset, where Moana steps onto the sandy shore and blows into a conch shell, accompanied by evocative music. The trailer closed out with a title card, a November release date, and an enthusiastic shout, presumably from Moana’s demigod companion, Maui – voiced by Dwayne Johnson.

Now, not letting up – further excitement has been fueled by a second teaser unveiled today, May 29th, 2024. The latest trailer, although still short and sweet, gives glimpses into the new film’s storyline. Moana appears to be right where we left her, still exploring the world’s waters with ancestral assistance .

The Legacy of Moana

It hints at Moana continuing her oceanic expeditions. As we join her on her journey across the seas, it’s set to unfold with fresh adventures and challenges. With major events including the return of the rogue Kakamora pirates and the much-anticipated reunion between Moana and Maui. The return of familiar faces like Maui and the Kakamora promises a blend of nostalgia and new that fans will likely find irresistible.

Riding the Wave of Anticipation

Although originally planned as a series set to premiere on Disney+ solely, the studio has decided to switch gears and flip to the big screen. Instead, the reworked project of Moana 2 will be arriving exclusively in theaters this holiday season. With that being said, mark your calendars! Moana 2 is heading to take over theaters on Wednesday, November 27th, 2024, just in time for Thanksgiving. So get ready to eat good and set sail into the seas with Moana!

Following its theatrical release, the film is expected to be available for streaming on Disney+ as well, aligning with the upcoming merge of Disney+ and Hulu. As we await the release of Moana 2, the excitement around the film is at an all time high! Disney’s decision to continue the story of Moana and her companions in a full-length feature film reflects the long-lasting appeal of these characters and their world. Which we can’t wait to see!

Unbelievable Updates!

Shortly after arriving back into the spotlight ahead of its highly anticipated release, Moana 2, marks a memorable milestone by breaking the record of most watched ever trailer for Disney Animated Pictures. The trailer which was released earlier today courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios, has clocked 178M views and counting in less than 24 hours!

Stacking in numbers like this, Disney may be gearing up for a huge comeback at the Thanksgiving box office this year. Especially now becoming the studio’s most watched animated movie trailer ever! Sailing and soaring by previous record holders Inside Out 2 (157MM) and Frozen 2 (116MM). With state-of-the-art animation, a captivating storyline, and the enticing elements that made the original a hit, Moana 2 promises to be a cinematic event that will continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.