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A Concept Trailer For ‘James Bond 26’ Stars Henry Cavill & Margot Robbie

A concept trailer for James Bond 26 features Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill and Barbie actress Margot Robbie starring in the next installment of the action thriller film series. The fictional clip, created by YouTube channel KH Studio, has managed to deceive James Bond fans, racking in 2 million views. Nevertheless, KH Studio is not at fault here. In their channel’s “about” section, they explain that they create concept trailers to up the anticipation for future movie releases. The fake trailer was so realistic that it even appeared on Google Discovery!

In the fan-created trailer, what seems to be an A.I.-generated version of Henry Cavill is seen reaching for a gun while traveling through a dark tunnel. Following this, the scenes transition to different cities before Margot Robbie appears on the screen. Once it does, the actress can be seen smoking a cigarette, signaling that whatever is occurring is stressing her character out.

Photo Creds to YouTube

The A.I. shines through and through in the following clip that arises. A fabricated version of Margot Robbie can be seen pouring herself some tea while Henry Cavill is strapped to a chair. Before the trailer ends, Henry Cavill is seen traveling on a jet, driving a buggy at full speed, and much more. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie straddles a gun and embarks in a full-on speed race. 

James Bond 26 follows the James Bond-based 2021 film No Time To Die. The movie stars Daniel CraigRami MalekAna de Armas, and Ralph Fiennes, to name a few.