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A New Trailer For ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Season 2 Arrives

A brand new trailer for the second season of Interview with the Vampire has officially arrived.

Over the weekend, AMC posted a teaser for Interview With the Vampire‘s second season. Based on the immortal story created by Anne Rice, the new season of Interview with the Vampire will explore Louis de Pointe du Lac‘s relationship with Armand and his memories with child vampire Claudia at the Theatre des Vampires. 

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Additionally, Louis fights between memories he wishes existed and those that really did as he discovers his lover, Armand, is stronger than he thought. The new season also shines more light on journalist Daniel Molloy as he searches for more clues about what happened between Armand and Louis in 1973 during a new interview with the two lovers. According to Vulture, there seems to be a slew of love triangles between the vamps as well. 

Interview with the Vampire stars Assad Zaman, Eric Bogosian, Jacob Anderson, and Bailey Bass. This season, they’ll be joined by Ben Daniels and Roxanne Duran

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The second season of Interview with the Vampire will debut on AMC and AMC+ on May 12, 2024.