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‘Beverly Hill Cop: Axel F’ Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon- Levitt is shown in the latest image for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F film that is set to release this year. After Eddie Murphy delivered one of the best detective performances, he is making a return to the big screen in this prequel of the movie!

The level of seriousness Gordon-Levitt portrays in the unveiling images of the fourth installment shows just that. As he mentioned the film in latest interview, the character will have a cutting edge personality and is born and raised outside of Beverly Hills.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on set | Source: Empire Magazine

Talk about a culture shock as we can guess Detective Axel will try to set things straight for his new partner. There have been critics with not too many positive things to say about Eddie Murphy films as of recent. There are two sides of the perception of that because some enjoyed “You People”. This movie can benefit Murphy in his favor as he will always be one of the greatest in our generation. Take a look at the trailer above!