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Boris Kodjoe’s OJ Simpson Gets Electric Chair In Exclusive Trailer

In the movie’s exclusive trailer, Boris Kodjoe, who plays OJ Simpson in a “satirical thriller” called The Juice, will get the electric chair. 

As he’s being electrocuted nearly to death, Kodjoe’s character says, “Think of the real O.J. Simpson, not this lost person.” Following this, a sentence reads, “Feel better now? You haven’t seen anything yet,” and a link to a Google Form appears for viewers to input their ideas for the upcoming movie. The football player turned actor Boris Kodjoe is known for his roles in films like Brown Sugar, Soul Food, The Last Man on Earth, and Station 19, to name a few. 

Photo Creds to IMDB

Initially titled Nicole and O.J.The Juice focuses on the controversial football star and acquitted murderer OJ Simpson. OJ Simpson passed away on April 10, 2024, due to cancer. He was 76-years-old. 

The Juice is written and directed by Joshua Newton. So far, the movie contains 30-minute footage of OJ Simpson and his former wife, Nicole Brown, acted by Charlotte Kirk. It was documented in Bulgaria in 2018 through recreations of the couple’s homes in Southern California. 

Photo Creds to CBS News

The Juice debuts in theaters sometime in 2025.