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Chloe Bailey Shares Her Experiences In ‘The Exorcism’ And Her Music Career In New Interview

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Chloe Bailey was interviewed during a Q&A session while on the set of a project she was starring in.

It has been said that the upcoming supernatural film directed by creative director Joshua John Miller, titled The Exorcism, may not be directly related to the popular movie The Pope’s Exorcist, which featured Russell Crowe. However, this new film does have a connection to Miller’s father, Jason Miller, who starred in the original Exorcist film released in 1973.

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The movie The Exorcism is a fictional story set in Georgetown, focusing on a mysterious death. Crowe plays the troubled star Tony Miller, while his teenage daughter Lee stars as a production assistant on the sequel. The cast also includes Blake Holloway (Chloe Bailey), with Bailey portraying the possessed victim of Peter in the film. Additionally, actors Adam Goldberg, David Hyde Pierce, Sam Worthington, and Adrian Pasdar will be part of the movie.

Interview With Chloe Bailey

According to Screen Rant, Bailey discussed the meta-horror aspects of The Exorcism in an interview, expressing her excitement about working alongside Crowe. Despite her past role in the film Swarm, Bailey mentioned that she does not plan to take on any more supernatural horror movie roles in the near future. However, she hinted at exciting developments related to her upcoming album. During the interview, she mentioned:

It was really interesting. There were moments of confusion on set when we saw our real chairs alongside the set chairs, as well as the craft services table. I once approached what I thought was the real craft services table, only to realize it was a prop version. Thankfully, I didn’t eat anything because the food was stale and hard. I was then guided to the correct craft services table“.

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Bonds+Growth On Set ✨

After being asked about the movie and building relationships with her cast, she expressed, “It was an incredible experience. We truly enjoyed filming together. We were the only ones in our age group on set, so during our free time in Wilmington, North Carolina, we spent a lot of it together“.

Chloe shared a cherished memory of their bond, recalling, “I have a core: On Halloween night, we went to a college campus. Since I never had the college experience, it was special. We danced all night, and when it started raining outside, we continued dancing in the rain. It was truly wonderful. This is an experience with them that I will never forget“.

The Exorcism
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As they continued to get to know Chloe both on and off set, she was asked about experiences. One question inquired about a scary moment on set, as well as a comical moment that was intentionally meant to be funny but ended up being a bit scary.

During the possession scene shoot, it was amusing to scream out those vulgar lines At that time, I wasn’t use to using curse words. Initially, I was hesitant and thought, “No…” However, now I embrace swearing as a form of self-expression. There’s a belief that individuals who swear frequently have higher intelligence and release emotions effectively through swearing. Consequently, I found myself laughing throughout that scene.

– Chloe Bailey