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Denzel Washington Reunites with Pedro Pascal in ‘Gladiator 2’

As the arrival of Gladiator 2 quickly approaches, so does a rave reunion that fans have been waiting for! Denzel Washington and his recently announced forthcoming role in Gladiator 2 will reunite him with another renowned and respected Hollywood actor. You guessed it! The two-time Academy Award-winning actor Washington will reunite with the profound Pedro Pascal for the first time since 2018’s The Equalizer 2.

From Equalizer 2 to Gladiator 2

Although Washington’s return to The Equalizer franchise was one of the film’s highlights, his chemistry with Pascal was undoubtedly the most satisfying aspect of the sequel to the 2014 revenge thriller. Washington brought back his former elite DIA ops character, Robert McCall, while Pascal played Dave York, Robert’s former DIA partner.

With that being said, Equalizer 2 was a successful entry in the franchise, thanks entirely to Washington and Pascal. Washington and Pascal have several memorable scenes in The Equalizer 2, but with Pascal’s popularity growing since then, Gladiator 2 may do an even greater job with both actors.

The Dynamic Duo’s Destiny

In fact, Gladiator 2 might make Washington and Pascal allies, which would be a major reverse from their work in The Equalizer 2. Washington will portray an anonymous former slave with a hatred against ancient Rome’s aristocracy, while Pascal will play an unnamed former military commander sentenced to death in duels after carrying a combative attitude with his superiors.

Since both characters are suspected to have a shared disgust for the movie’s elite, it isn’t a stretch to think the dynamic duo, Washington and Pascal, as allies in Gladiator 2. Guess we will just have to anxiously await its arrival to see! Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the trailer above. Stay tuned here for any and all updates surrounding the film’s developing story!