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First Look at Chris Rocks Saw Titled Spiral: From the book of saw

When news first surfaced that Chris Rock would be taking Lionsgate Saw direction starring Samuel Jackson, interest re-sparked especially since the slow Saw season. Wondering where exactly comedian Chris rock would take the horror franchise for the their next release. Clues to the jigsaw include title, teaser trailer, teaser poster and official motion date.

The official title of the film is Spiral: From the Book of Saw introducing a new world of Jigsaw which may or may not be the start of a series or a stop of the riddle. The teaser trailer sets up the story of two overworking detectives. Banks (Chris Rock) and his on duty partner (Max Minghella) investigate the Jigsaw Killer who is man hunting a specific type-cops.

The teaser shows what looks like a crossover between Samuel Jackson character, the detectives and the iconic red swirls left behind on the crime scenes as hints. The movie takes on a vibe very similar to Se7en which makes Spiral:The Book of Saw intriguing, definitely an out of the box approach compared to the usual Saw plot.

Spiral: The Book of Saw is set to creep into theaters May 12. Which may mean more footage or another trailer could be on the way by March. Surprisingly there was no infamously cringe worthy clips in this teaser as per usual saw shenanigans. Call us masochist but we want to the Goor!

Check out the eerie teaser poster below: