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‘Going From Broke’ Gets Trailer Ahead Of Season 3

Going From Broke will continue its run for another season. The Ashton Kutcher-produced series is said to assist various individuals with their financial woes. The trailer has dropped ahead of its release, which is on Thursday, November 10th.

Financial experts Dan Rosensweig and Danetha Doe are called on to help struggling young adults improve their financial situations and escape student debt. 

The synopsis reads,

Going From Broke is back for Season 3, not a moment too soon. The debt crisis continues to rage unabated, while the devastation of Covid has turned the job market inside out, and inflation is rising. 

In the wake of ‘The Great Resignation’ happening across the American workforce, many Americans are overwhelmed with their debt in light of career migration, job insecurity, and growing mental health concerns. As a result, people are in desperate need of up-skilling and re-skilling to make the best decisions for their future. Dan and Tonya are dedicated to helping people navigate the reality of their debt to become the CEO of their own lives.”