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Gossip Girl Gone Goon- Blake Lively In the Rhythm Section Trailer #2

The girl we’ve seen in our favorite chick-flicks is flipping the script taking on an core-turned-cold avenger for the coming film The Rhythm Section. Blake Lively stars in the R rated mystery thriller by the producers of the James Bond 007 films. The newly released, second trailer shows Blake Lively (as Stephanie Patrick) literally, killing it!

Stephanie Patrick veers down a path of self-destruction after a tragic plane crash kills her family and only by coincidence Patrick didn’t board flight NEO027. Soon after investigating the tragedy Stephanie discovers the plane crash was plotted and wasn’t an accident at all leading her to embark on a quest for revenge to punish those responsible.

Paramount previews the film with a second trailer that shows Jude Law training Lively for her mission, teaching her how to channel her grief and despair into stillness and confidence in order to perform her new found craft with control and precision.

Cinema Blend explains the meaning of The Rhythm Sections title with an exclusive clip attached. Stephanie Patrick’s mentor uses the concept of music – breath to base, heart to drum to fine tune her discipline.

Blake Livelys character, Stephanie Patrick is a recurring character in author Mark Burnells novels, the film projecting as an adaptation to the first of the book series. Others titles amongst the Stephanie Patrick series include Chameleon, Gemini and The Third Women.

Does this hint to the start a new franchise?

The Rhythm Section reaches theaters January 31st!