Guapdad4000 Explains How He Came Up With “Gucci Pajamas” & More

DJ Suss One sat down with Guapdad4000 as he breaks down his new single “Gucci Pajamas” starting off with how it came about from a foursome gone bad. He explained how the duo he is always having threesomes with added another girl that he didn’t know.

The rapper then continues on to pay homage to E-40 when asked who his inspirations are.

“E-40 was like a god at one point in the youth. He came through, he was doing so much for the Bay. He owns a lot, he just created a lot and for us, especially my generation that was maturing while the hyphy movement was a thing. It’s like a staple… E-40 was the king of that whole thing that made literally half the slang that people stole.”

The two then break down Oakland slang and what certain terms mean such as “hella” and how him and his friends would bag girls on college campuses by using that word. The students would stop and ask where they were from. He clears up the misconception that “hella” originated in Los Angeles.

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