Guapdad4000 Talks About E-40 And Biggie Beef, Meeting J Cole, Says Kendrick Is Still A Goat And More

Guapdad4000 sat down with DJ Suss One for a Taste Radio interview. We released a short snippet earlier in the week where the Oakland rapper spoke about how his single “Gucci Pajamas” came to life and broke down a few slang terms such as hella, saucy, broccoli and more.

He describes his life as filled with orgies and crazy moments. His main focus regarding touring with EarthGang was to align his live performance with his clout.

“My life is already wild orgies and sh*t so when I’m on the road that wasn’t really my focus. It was to get better because when I first started I just went on the run with 3 tours in a row back to back with only 2-3 days in-between. When I first started, I was going in as an artist who has never been on a tour at all. For me, it was a development moment. I went in to try to catch up my live performance ability to my clout. Everybody I’m friends with has already been on tour five times and I can’t be rapping this good, better than n***** and I suck when I’m on stage.”

Guapdad4000 then goes on to share his opinion regarding Kendrick Lamar, comparing him to a ghost where he puts out dope music but you never see him. He is still a GOAT regardless. DJ Suss One and the “Alpha” rapper continue to discuss other rappers such as E-40, Biggie Smalls and J.Cole.

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