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‘Inside Out 2’ : New Emotion Character Gets Removed from Release

Inside out 2: New Scoop

Disney and Pixar are teaming up once more for a new release, Inside Out 2. The original Inside Out premiered back in 2015, featuring a young actor as Riley, who was forcefully moved from the Midwest to San Francisco by her parents. The emotions portrayed in the movie are based on Riley’s feelings, including Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and last but not least, Fear!

What Inside Out 2 will be bringing to the table?

In Inside Out 2, This year it will be hitting the theaters June 14th. Leaving the original emotions will be joined by two new emotions, anxiety and embarrassment, reflecting Riley’s growth as a 13-year- old girl. Returning emotions include Lewis Black as the emotion Anger and Phyllis Smith as Sadness. Tony Hale will also join as Fear, taking over from Bill Hader. Disgust will also make its return, with a twist – Lisa Lapira will voice the character previously portrayed by Mindy Kaling. Meanwhile, The teenage Riley will be voiced by Kensington Tallman, while the parents roles will continue to be played by Kyle MacLachlan and Diane Lane.

Debuting the Following Cuts & Trailer Release

Additionally, one of the emotions was removed from the film because it was considered to be too heavy and not as entertaining as the others. Some viewers found this emotion less memorable and enjoyable to watch on the screen premiering the release. Despite this, the move was still well-received as a great family friendly film.

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