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‘Jack In The Box’ brings upgraded clowns to the museum in newest trailer

Production for Jack In The Box has been postponed but 4DigitalMedia releases the films first trailer, revealing new Killer Clowns.

The eerie trailer begins with a man dusting dirt off a buried box that’s engraved ‘Jack’. Teaching of the history find the France originated box was designed to possess evil entities. Quick shots of the clowns expressing their nature to haunt flashes in between a warning tag line.

“Once you open the box, you can’t escape it.”

Written, directed and produced by Lawrence Fowler, The Jack in the Box stars Ethan Taylor, Robert Nairne and Lucy-Jane Quinlan. The film follows local museum workers who become victims of the museum latest display – the mysterious jack box. The film arrives on Digital HD and DVD May 5.

The Jack In the Box trailer also came with it’s official poster. Check it out below.