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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Trailer Is Here, WEED Love to see

Jay and Silent Bob trailer features the return of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes – our iconic pot heads rebooted!

Bringing our dumbo dude duo out on another cross-country mission. This time it’s to put a halt to Hollywoods reboot, remake, sequeal movement. The trailer hints some baby-daddy drama that could get them cut up right on the front lawn. The films writting and directing by Kevin Smith, production by Jordan Monsanto (Smodco) and Liz Destro.

Along with Bob Smith and Jason Mewes playing their usual roles they will be working alongside many familiar faces. Additionally, the reboot will feature some guest stars such as Ben Affleck, Nicolas Cage, Kate Micucci, Jason Biggs, Melissa Benoist and many, many more.

Grab some munchies at the concession stand, this film will be in select theaters this Fall October 15, 2109.