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Jessica Alba Goes On Revenge Mission In Netflix’s ‘Trigger Warning’ Trailer

In the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming action film Trigger Warning, Jessica Alba plays Special Forces commando Parker, who goes on a revenge mission against the gang she believes is responsible for her father’s death. It’s also worth noting that this same evil entourage is controlling her hometown.

“I don’t think his death was an accident,” Parker reveals in the Trigger Warning trailer. 

With resilience and an itch for vengeance, Alba’s character explains why she’s so set on finding her dad’s killer. 

“This is about more than just my dad. I need to know the truth,” Parker continues.

Photo Creds to New on Netflix

Mouly Surya directed Trigger Warning, which is based on a script by John Brancato, Josh Olson, and Halley Gross. The movie also stars Mark Webber, Jake Weary, Anthony Michael Hall, Kaiwi Lyman, and Hari Dhillon. 

Jessica Alba’s last acting debut was in Lionsgate’s 2019 action film Killers Anonymous alongside Gary Oldman. That same year, she starred in the 2 season series L.A.’s Finest with Gabrielle Union. 

Trigger Warning debuts on Netflix on June 21.