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Los Espookys – Entreprenuership Inspired by Gore en Espanol

HBO’s Los Espookys is a horror-comedy mash up based in Latin America where a group of youngings work together to bring their passion and enthusiasm to a business that delivers the right amount of creep to keep their clients contently goosebumbed. The show is available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand friday nights at 11pm.

Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres, Cassandra Ciangherotti and Bernardo Velasco star as Los Espookys, with José Pablo Minor and recurring guest star Fred Armisen. Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco) is the teams mastermind, using his love for horror movies for motivation. Hints, Bernardo Velasco is also co-creator of the show.

A Review from Vulture says,

The first episode, starts with a bloody-themed quinceañera, overseen by Renaldo, that catches the attention of a priest, who wants to preside over an exorcism to show up a hip younger priest who’s just arrived at his parish. The assignment has a whiff of Max Fischer–ian ingenuity — better not to describe the actual exercise, except to say that the group does a lot with a little — and the assignments get increasingly complex from there, even as the story and characterizations remain disarmingly straightforward.

Other reviews have suggested that Los Espookys is the modern day Scooby Doo! Who wouldn’t love that? The tv series first episode premiered June 14 so it’s not too late to catch up. 30 minutes episodes that keep you at the edge of your chair either from weaking laughter or eye sticking spook. Los Espookys sounds like a cool summer watch, I’d grab some nachos with jalepeños on the side. Could we call that a modern day Scooby Snack? Heads up, English subtitles are availble as the series is primarily in spanish. Vamanos!