Lucki Starr Drops Visual For “Whatchu Doin”

New Jersey-based Lucki Starr‘s “Whatchu Doin” shifts the perspective onto her name’s true meaning.

Granted that females have been reclaiming their power for many generations, Starr’s lyrics are slathered down in fiery intellect.

In between the lines, Starr says to let go of the things that are out of your control. Her pre-chorus takes it even further with a stay blessed, not stressed approach, “Playin with her heart/You gon get caught up/But we don’t trip/We stay lit/Never lackin move on to the next/They gon try to downplay/We don’t care what they say/Just know you that bitch.

The backstory behind “Whatchu Doin” stems from an unfaithful lover who “lost a dime for pennies.” After his careless decision, he tries to make amends. But when a women is fed up, she bids adieu. For good.

As the track moves forward, listeners subconsciously thank their lucky stars. Without delay, it’s labeled as an anthem for those who’ve done right by someone who’s just plain wrong. As a retort, Starr says “Dummy what you doin? Out here lookin foolish, Is that really how you movin, movin?” in means of showing him that she’s not with the B.S. Sonically, “Whatchu Doin” draws from pop, rock and trap. The three genres join forces and end up creating a feel-good song out of the unfortunate event.

If you haven’t already, watch Lucki Starr’s video for “Whatchu Doin” above. The video made its premiere yesterday (Nov 20th).