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‘Medusa Deluxe’ Trailer: Anita-Joy Uwajeh Stars In A24 Mystery Movie

A24 dropped a deluxe trailer for their upcoming murder mystery, Medusa Deluxe. The movie will debut in select theaters and on VOD on August 11. The trailer opens up with a hairdressing competition that transforms into a crime scene. Within seconds, one of the contestants ends up being mysteriously murdered. 

Medusa Deluxe is written and directed by Thomas Hardiman. The film stars Anita-Joy UwajehClare Perkins, Darrell D’Silva, Debris Stevenson, Harriet Webb, Heider Ali, Kae Alexander, Kayla Meikle, Lilit Lesser, Luke Pasqualino, and Nicholas Karimi.

Photo Creds to The Movie Database

Talented, ambitious, and backstabbing hairstylists gather for a competition in England, only to find one of their own murdered before judging can begin,” the synopsis states.

“Winding through neon-lit halls and backstage dressing rooms, competitors unspool long-simmering resentments and secrets as they search for the killer among them in this devilishly funny whodunit.”

Medusa Deluxe premieres on August 11.