Movie Reviews

Movie Talk Episode 2

The Feature Presentation gets together for the second time this month to discuss upcoming movies such as Fatale, Halloween Kills, Godzilla VS Kong, Scream 5, Flashpoint and Indiana Jones 5. The group throws the trending movie Fatale into the mix along with the highly anticipated Wandavision series.

DJ Suss One emphasizes on how Fatale is a must see and how the plot twist took him by surprise. The thriller is directed by Deon Taylor and stars Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy. Although many speculate that it’s similar to Fatal Attraction, Suss assures them that it’s not the same storyline.

Halloween Kills is set to release October 15, 2021. Pretty Lou emphasized that he was highly confused on what has been going on with the different films, joking that he’s unsure of who’s dead and who’s still alive. Joey Franchize co-signs the confusion as DJ Suss One and Kwazi try to put together the puzzle pieces of the previous ones.

Kwazi leads the conversation with excitement regarding the plot of Godzilla VS King and brings us back to 2014 as he mentions MonsterVerse. Pretty Lou chimes in about how upset he was when the two creatures fought a while ago in an old movie.

DJ Suss One opens the discussion with a strong opinion saying he is excited for the new Scream 5 movie and will be seeing it. Heavy anticipation is building around the passing away of Wes Craven and how the franchise will continue the story plot leading into future films.

The conversation gets heated when it comes to Flashpoint. The group reviews the upcoming movie as Pretty Lou and Joey Franchize dive deep into the comic world. They discuss the story plot, rumors of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck both appearing as Batman and whether or not it will lead to Batman Beyond.

Suss starts the discussion emphasizing on his excitement regarding Indiana Jones 5 and how he was a fan of the last one which was in the early 2000s. The main question is if Harrison Ford can continue playing the role since it has been such a long time since the previous installment came out over 10 years ago.

Joey Franchize carried the conversation while the group discussed Wandavision. He had some very strong opinions about how if the movie world didn’t frown upon superhero films so much, Elizabeth Olsen would have received an Emmy.