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Movie Talk Episode 6


The Feature Presentation is back at it again with DJ Suss One, Finale, Pretty Lou and Kwazi as they discuss the most recent Justice League trailer that dropped on Valentine’s Day morning along with the Godzilla vs Kong trailer which was also released on Lover’s Day Weekend. The group then proceeds to break down the reboots for The Predator, Paranormal Activity and the Face-Off sequel before getting into Spider-Verse 2 and recapping episode 6 of Wandavision.

The DC Heads are beyond excited regarding Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Kwazi breaks down what characters are revealed and everyone is highly impressed with the teasers especially The Joker scene at the end. The 4 hour movie is Rated R with assumption that the plot contains a lot of graphic images and DC is the darker version of comics.

Finale takes the mic when it comes to The Predator reboot as he breaks down where the plot is going to take place, pirates in the comic books with Danny Glover and Native Americans going against women empowerment. Kwazi chimes in with a joke and asks if the Native Americans are going to send buffalos to kill the alien race. There’s different levels of predators from Super Predators to Evolved Predators although there’s zero lack of alien essence.

The gang then jumps into Godzilla VS Kong where they point out that the trailer intentionally draws the emotions from viewers with the question if Kong will lose the battle against Godzilla. Pretty Lou jumps in and mentions how Godzilla loses off screen in an older version as he returns to the water and Kong returns to his island as they debate if that was a W or an L for each monster.

The discussion then leads to the Face-Off sequel with John Travolta and how it shouldn’t be touched. DJ Suss One and Finale bring up the question if remakes are better than sequels as the team mentions different films that were remade.

Spider-Verse 2 is the next topic of discussion as Suss brings up the villain named Spot who they’re assuming it’s the Polka Dot Man. Tom Holland is rumored to be in the movie along with all the other spider-verses including the realm of reality. The crew is excited for the new cartoon installment but they are all anticipating Spider-Man 3 more.

The last subject is Wandavision’s episode 6 as Kwazi breaks down the story line. Wanda expands her world into an ultimate reality as everyone becomes her puppets and some are stuck in her “bubble.” The intention is to introduce mutants into the MCU.

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