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Movie Talk Episode 7


The Feature Presentation takes out the time this week to discuss a plethora of hot topics hitting the screens soon. DJ Suss One and Pretty Lou sit this one out as Kwazi, Joey Franchize and Finale share their opinions regarding the new Mortal Kombat trailer & Superman & Lois TV series, Sasha Calle as Supergirl in the Flashpoint movie, and recap Wandavision Episode 7.

Joey Franchize takes the mic as he breaks down the Mortal Kombat trailer. He reviews the battle between Sub-Zero and Scorpion along with the dynamics of the different characters such as Cole Young and the relationship to Johnny Cage. Kwazi chimes in and adds that he saw a sneak peek of the epic fight and there’s more to what the teaser has shown us.

The new Superman & Lois TV series drops tonight on The CW. It’s a spin-off of Supergirl and shows the married life between the hero and the reporter. Franchise comments on the better quality of the graphics. Kwazi lost interest in the Supergirl series and mentions that Suss was upset with the actor who is playing Superman. Finale questions the costume choice of the DC Comics icon.

The group then moves onto recap episode 7 of Wandavision which is coming to an end with only 2 shows left. Kwazi suggests there wasn’t much action but the story line made up for the lack of. Finale agrees that many concerns were answered within the chapter. Franchise suggests the dialogue has more to it if viewers pay attention.

The last topic is the announcement of Supergirl making an appearance in Flashpoint. Sasha Calle has been confirmed as the actress which leads up to the expectation of a continuation from Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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