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‘Nothing To See Here’ Trailer Previews Netflix Comedy Series

The trailer for Nothing to See Here previews Netflix’s comedy series. Nothing to See Here follows an aspiring blind comedian who chases his dreams with the help of his best friend.

“Alexis is a young blind man who dreams of becoming a successful comedian,” the synopsis reads. “He moves to the biggest city in the world, leaving behind his overprotective father joined by his best friend and ‘manager,’ Charly, who has cerebral palsy.”

Photo Creds to Seriously Awesome

The synopsis continues, 

Nothing to See Here is a bittersweet comedy that challenges political correctness while exploring what it means to chase one’s dreams in a world that is blind to functional diversity. In a city chock-full of woke culture, Alexis will show his audience there’s nothing to see here — and much to laugh about.”

The cast includes Alexis Arroyo, Kike Vázquez, Alejandro Calva, Verónica Merchant, Begoña Narváez, Paola Fernández, Teté Espinoza, Memo Villegas, Raúl Villegas, and Paloma Woolrich.

Nothing to See Here will debut on November 17.