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Once Upon a Time in Deadwood Trailer: Charles Branson fraud gets buckwild in the Old west

Quentin Tarentinos Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, gets some comany in the foolery as a Charles Branson pardoy is in production piggy backing on Quentin Tarantinos title and style of “Once apon a time in Hollywood”. The coming movie is titled Once Upon a time in Deadwood. Both movies joke on themes from Charles Branson HBO series Once Upon a Time in the West- creating a triad of very entertaining monkey business.

The Once Upon On A Time in Deadwood trailer and poster shows off a sunbleached and western-revenge ready “Charles Branson” (Robert Bronzi – recently starred in Death Kiss) who will be battling against street hoodlums who have kidnapped his sister. Branson will be gun slinging around town, while being a tad bit “tipsy”, after a heiress slips him a slow-acting poision. Rene Perez is directing this film from his screenplay with Jeff Millers (The Russian Bride, Death Kiss,Toy Box) assistance.

Miller says,

“If you liked Death Kiss, you’ll love Bronzi again delivering his brand of justice. We filmed at recognizable locations where Bronson stood 50 years ago on the classic Once Upon a Time in the West, and I can’t wait for fans to check out this latest chapter in our series of films with Bronzi.”

According to Movie Web,

Bronzi plays the gunslinger. Pare plays the main villain. The cast is rounded out with Karin Brauns (Playing with Dolls series), Lauren Compton (Clowntown), actor-model Chris Matteis, J.D. Angstadt, Jose Varela Garcia, Justin Hawkins, Tony Jackson, and Sierra Sherbundy. The movie was filmed in California as well as in Western Leone, near Almeria, Spain, site of much of the filming of the famous Sergio Leone/Charles Bronson western Once Upon a Time in the West

Once Upon a Time in Deadwood comes out in the U.S. on October 1st on digital. Check out the trailer & throwback poster that takes us to the wild wild west!