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Pharrell Williams’ Biopic ‘Piece By Piece’ Set To Release In LEGO Universe

Get ready for an inside access to American singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams‘ life through a different lens.

The Piece by Piece trailer was released and viewers have gotten an intriguing first look at the biopic-based movie formatted into LEGO universe. No, this is not just another LEGO movie but the reality of Mr. Williams and his musical journey. The legacy of the talented artist will be accompanied by major artists that have played a major part in his life.

Williams‘ message has always been to follow your dreams and imaginations. He wants the audience to take away the correlation of the original LEGO movie and how to become Master Builders. The message is to become a master builder, imagination and belief have to come to play.

Photo Creds to Virgin Radio

Major artist helped this movie come to life as Jay -Z, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Justin Timberlake are featured in this project. Talk about an elite company. Many of the artists listed have formed a bond and an relationship with Mr. Williams . The songs listed era grew up to love were “Beautiful,” “Excuse Me Miss,” and much more. Not only he is a songwriter but a producer as well.

Pharrell Williams started his career in 1992 and found more success in the 2010 era. Despite being heavily involved in music, he has made appearances on Despicable Me, The Voice, and more. Given all this, it can be said that this isn’t the multi-talented artist’s first time working on a huge project like this.

Let’s see what’s next for Grammy-nominated producer, artist and overall creative.

Photo Creds to LEGO

Piece By Piece hits theaters on Oct 11, 2024.