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Game Plan for Post Terminator: Dark Fate

Changing the future doesn’t change fate. The Terminator franchise puzzles together the plans that are beyond our understanding by imaging a “Judgement Day”. The franchise collectively has six films but this forthcoming film is a direct sequel following the idea of the frist two films Terminatorand Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The official, full trailer presents a post 27 years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day timeline.

The trailer opens with Grace demanding explanation from Connor with an intimadationg tool at hand. Grace can only acknowledge the fact that whether sarah( who believes she’s conquered Judgement day August 29, 1997, by avoiding it) pospones judgement day or not, still everyone will face the plan. “You may have changed the future, but you didn’t change our fate”

The film treats plent of action scence with Grace at center cannon and PLENTY Schwarzenegger, who trains humans to improve their chances of survival during the sooner-than-later arriving Judgement Day.  

Paramount Pictures is hoping this return of Terminator gives fruits to the franchise. As a successful film will get the ball rolling on to a new trilogy. In an extesive interview Jason Cameron discussed plans for the franchise if Dark Fate reaches financial goals. Cameron chopped it up with Deadline saying

“If we get fortunate enough to make some money with Dark Fate we know exactly where we can go with the subsequent films.”

“We rolled up our sleeves and started to break out the story and when we got a handle on something we looked at it as a three-film arc, so there is a greater story there to be told,”

So in other words, Fate for the franchise has already been written!

Terminator: Dark Fate is scheduled to hit theaters November 1st