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‘Terror Train 2’ Trailer Sets Tubi Premiere Date For Horror Sequel

Terror Train 2 is premiering on Tubi on December 31, 2022. The horror movie is a rendition of the Jamie Lee Curtis-led film of the same name. 

The movie follows in the footsteps of its first film. Terror Train 2 finds the remaining survivor battling it out with another evil force. 

The synopsis continues,

“Having survived the carnage, Robyn Alomar and Tim Rozon will reprise their characters in Terror Train 2, which takes place over a year after the gruesome, vengeful murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the now infamous Terror Train.”

“In the sequel, the remaining survivors are coerced to take a New Year’s Eve redemption ride on the same train, where a new evil awaits, and the terrified passengers must fight again to survive the ride.”

Tubi’s Chief Content officer, Adam Lewinson, said about the remake:

“We’re reintroducing a new generation to Terror Train, and now Tubi’s first-ever horror sequel expands on the premise with a completely original storyline. This new ride aboard the Terror Train begins on New Year’s Eve with ‘Final Girl’ Alana and the mysterious Magician facing a new menace in this horror whodunit.”

The movie stars Tim Rozon, Robyn Alomar, and Matthew Villeneuve.