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The Second ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer is giving us a lot to talk about

Wonder Woman is back on the big screen! Well, the little screen for now… The second Wonder Woman 1984 full length trailer has finally been released, and we could not be more excited!

The second trailer is giving us even more to talk about- the resurrection of Diana’s lover and partner-in-crime, Steve, who was believed to be dead at the conclusion of the first film, an evil business man who looks as though he desires to be a dystopian overlord, and Kristen Wigg becoming a mutated cheetah-human hybrid as Wonder Woman’s nemesis. 

While the first trailer was released back in December, we are now getting to see a more in-depth plot beyond the premise of the first trailer. The first trailer focused primarily on the setting, 1984, and Diana’s shocking, seemingly impossible reunion with Steve. However, the second trailer takes audiences down a much darker path as it reveals Kristen Wigg’s character, Barbara Minerva (who was briefly shown in the first trailer), to be revealed as the villainous Cheetah who aims to defeat wonder woman with her equally matched powers. 

We have a lot of questions to say the least. First, how is Steve alive?! Is this the work of the Olympian Gods? Also, what is the relationship between the scary looking business man and Cheetah?  Why does Cheetah has animosity towards Wonder Woman? We can’t wait until October 2nd, 2020 when all of our questions will be answered when the movie hits theaters!