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The Trailer For ‘The Roast Of Tom Brady’ Premieres

A trailer for former football quarterback Tom Brady‘s The Roast of Tom Brady premiered before its debut on Netflix yesterday. Describing the over three-hour live series with the words “No Brady Rule. No Pads. No Mercy,” the trailer finds the seven-time Super Bowl champion walking as a replica of the White House bursts into flames. Comedian Kevin Hart hosts the series. 

During his roast session, Brady was made the center of jokes by previous teammates and other celebrities, including Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Randy Moss, and Jeff Ross. The topics of the jokes revolved around the football player’s divorce, his low status in the NFL Draft, and more. Brady also had an opportunity to poke fun at his loved ones about seemingly “living under his shadow,” as expressed to Eli Manning, and ultimately dominating his competitors and peers on the football field. 

Photo Creds to Los Angeles Magazine

Although his insults were quite cut-throat, Brady also showed love to several notable footballers in attendance, including Bill Belichick, who he said was “a true coaching genius.” 

Tom Brady was in the NFL for 23 years, holding a 251–82 regular-season record and a 35–13 postseason mark during his career.