THEM: THE SCARE Trailer Released – A 90s Horror Anthology Series

The past resonates with a weird emotion in the present, and it is this distinct feeling that sends shivers down our spine. The official trailer for THEM: THE SCARE is here! The taunting trailer courtesy of Prime Video, is more than just timely; it’s an intentional tapestry woven from the fabric of the 1990s, complete with its identifiable horrors and cultural references.

Fast forward to today, Prime Video has unveiled the official trailer for Little Marvin’s horror anthology series. The highly awaited second installment, made up of eight episodes, is set to premiere on Thursday, April 25, 2024, across over 240 countries and territories worldwide. In fact, another exciting element is that all episodes will be available upon release.

Sony Pictures Television and Amazon MGM Studios come together to co-produce the new edge-of-the-seat series. With Little Marvin serving as show-runner and executive producer alongside Miri Yoon, Roy Lee, and Steve Prinz.

Imagine what might happen, what might be available to you if fear were not an option“. In the official trailer for the new horror anthology, a voice speaks this to Edmund, played by Luke James. All while Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile” plays in the background of the nearly three-minute preview, presenting a stark contrast to the gruesome crime scene and unsettling trailer.

As previously revealed, the series follows Detective Dawn Reeve (Deborah Ayorinde), who is tasked with solving the death of a foster home mother in a case that has riddled even the most seasoned detectives in Los Angeles around 1991.

Her coworker, Joaquin (Carlito Olivero), believes the deaths are personal, but her supervisor does not want to add to L.A.’s concern by announcing a serial killer on the loose. Though Dawn is determined to stop the cold-blooded murderer, a malicious presence stalks her, her family, and everyone engaged. As a result, Dawn asks Joaquin if he believes in God; he agrees, but adds that this case is pushing him to believe in the devil.

THEM series creator Little Marvin shared in a statement, “With THEM: The Scare, we wanted to combine our love of horror with a look at Los Angeles’s rich history and evolution”. The follow up feature serves a new story set in the heart of the 90s located in the lavish hills of Los Angeles. In doing so, the series highlights one of the most iconic decades for film, music, and fashion.

Anthology series frequently claim to revolutionize genres, but Little Marvin weaves horror into a historical framework with artful subtlety, separating THEM from others. The series is more than just a collection of jump-scares and gore—though it contains plenty of both—but a psychological collage that explores how much our past phobias continue to grip us. It exposes society’s deepest anxieties.

Additionally, the series is stacked with a star-studded cast with Pam Grier, Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Charles Brice, and Iman Shumpert.  Alongside a talented ensemble of actors.As we anxiosuly await its arrival, press play on its official trailer below. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments here at The Feature Presentation.