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Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick trailer is Here full of Aviation Action

Tom Cruise announced that th‏e trailer for his upcoming action movie ‘Top Gun Maverick‘ is to release Monday 12/16. Just as promised, Paramount presents the official “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer!

Tom Cruise returns for his need for speed in Top Gun: Maverick, a sequel to his 1986 classic.

The trailer shows Tom Cruise return after 30 years as a flight school instructor. Pete “Maverick” teaches a new group of fighter pilots how to maneuver in the sky. Featuring luxury jets and scenic views as the new class of training pilots get the “finest” lessons from a legendary instructor.

The trailers voice over (which is Pete’s commanding officer) presents Pete Maverick (Tom Cruise) to the fight pilots in training advising them to recognize their training very high value as it’s a program never done before. While Pete is seen saying “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting an invitation back.”. 

“Your instructor is one of the finest pilots this program has ever produced. His exploits are legendary. What he has to teach you may very well be the difference of life and death.”

Miles Teller stars as Bradley “Rooster”, Maverick’s late RIO, Goose. Val Kilmer reprises her role as Iceman and others on the cast list include Jennifer Connelg, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Ed Harris and Manny Janciti. The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion) who used the script of Christopher McQuarrie, Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Erin Warren Singer as guide for this aviation action.

Top Gun hits theaters summer, June 20, 2020.