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Tom Hanks Looks to Take On a New Frontier in New Trailer

When one thinks of Tom Hanks, it is hard to think of an outlet or avenue he has not explored in his storied career. From lovable goof in Forrest Gump to war hero in Saving Private Ryan, Hanks has seemingly done it all throughout his career, or so we thought. To our surprise, Hanks is taking on a new frontier once again and this time in his first Western, reuniting with Director Paul Greengrass as Hanks has been cast to play Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd to tell the next chapter of his legacy. Now, we have our first official look at the film with Universal’s release of the first trailer.

This new film is based on the novel News of the World by Paulette Jiles, with which it shares a title, and follows the fictional story of a widowed 19th century man traveling the country and telling stories of his long and momentous life as a Captain, when he is faced with a new journey. A young girl has been kidnapped, separated from her family, and Kidd takes it upon himself to reunite them regardless of how fast the enemy may chase. Hanks and the young girl, played by Mare Winningham, are forced to run for their lives as they are chased through the treacherous backroads of America, with nothing but Captain Kidd’s life experiences to draw upon for help. In the new trailer that was just released, which happens to be the first look at the new film, Hanks seemingly fits the role quite well: the accent is eerily reminiscent of the one employed when playing Forrest Gump, and the scruffy beard that makes him look like a snug fit for the time period.

This is not Hanks’ first time playing a captain, not even for this director. Previously, Hanks and Greengrass did work on Captain Phillips together, where a ship is captured instead of a young girl and Hanks must prove to be the courageous captain he is. The film was a huge success, receiving nominations and awards for both the acting and writing while generating over $200 million in the box office, leaving many excited to see the pair collaborate again. Can Greengrass help Hanks reclaim the spirit of Captain Phillips as a fearless and poised leader who would leave no man behind and save this young girl’s life, or will the Wild West prove to be too much for the old timer? We will hopefully find out this Christmas, barring any further COVID delays.