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Will Smith Hypes The Trailer 2 For Gemini Man, Here It Is

Will Smith took to instagram July 24, to announce the official trailer for the Gemini Movie under a clip from the actual movie where the actor Will Smith has tears in his eyes and face recognition pops a filter on him that ages and adds gear. Right on time after the aging app trend that raised havoc all over instagram last week. Will Smith says the technology is crazy and director Ang Lee is changing the game! Let’s see!

YOOOOO! The trailer for my new movie @Geminimanmovie is out tomorrow. The Technology is CRAZY! Ang Lee is Changin’ the Game. The movie comes out October 11. Can’t wait for y’all to see it.

Two characters played by one person in cross generation. Will Smith will play as 50 year old Henry Brogan and 23 year old Junior, who’s screenwriten as antagonist against each other. Who will save You from yourself? Starring Academy award nominee Will Smith, from visionary mind Ang Lee (Life of Pi) and produer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The behind-the-scenes with filmmakers and Will Smith showed us some details on the film and gets us appreciating what is to come from this movie and all other technology based movies after this. VFX Supervisor Bill Westenhofer explained the complexness behind creating a digital human in visual effects, and specifies that the process is not simply de-aging or face replacement as we see ‘flow grooming’, ‘pore distrubution’, ‘pore relax/resize’ come to a final desposition – 23 year old junior.

Gemini Man hits theaters October 11, 2019. The film will be availble in Real D, 3D and IMAX. The film is not yet rated.