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‘Wingwomen’ Trailer Previews Netflix’s Newest Heist Movie

The trailer for Wingwomen previews Netflix’s newest French heist movie. In the snippet, the movie’s director Mélanie Laurent, takes on an acting role as a professional thief who’s looking to leave the life of crime. 

The cast list also includes Adèle Exarchopoulos, Manon Bresch, Isabelle Adjani, Félix Moati, Philippe Katerine, Lucie Laffin, and Leona D’Huy.

To leave the treacherous lifestyle for good, Laurent must complete one job. Luckily, she has assistance from her best friend too. 

Photo Creds to JustWatch

“Tired of life on the run, two expert thieves and best friends, Carole and Alex recruit a young feisty car racer named Sam to assist them with one last job — unlike any they’ve done before,” the logline continues.

Wingwomen is directed by Mélanie Laurent and inspired by a screenplay written by Cédric Anger and Christophe Deslandes, which is based on Jérôme Mulot, Florent Ruppert, and Bastien Vives’ comic book The Grand Odalisque. 

The film will be available for streaming on November 1.