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Wiz Khalifa’s “Behind The Cam” Allows Fans To Follow His Journey To Fame

Wiz Khalifa is allowing fans to witness his journey to fame with his new documentary titled Behind The Cam. The title pays homage to Khalifa’s real name, Cameron. Apple Music will be producing a five part docu-series on his most intimate moments, not only as an artist but as a man as the production outlines his duties as a father along with personal commentary from his family and friends.

As reported by VIBEBehind The Camprovides viewers with a deeper insight into Wiz’s journey to super stardom. At 16, he landed a job at a local recording studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while still in high school. In those early days, his name was Wizdom. By 19, he was signed to Warner Music Group and released the ubiquitous “Say Yeah.” Although the record deal turned sour, it fueld the 31 year old rapper to work harder on his craft and to maintain a solid fan base off the strength of his buzz. He went on tour, did meet and greets and visited every store that would have him for an appearance.

In the year 2010, during the month of September, “Black and Yellow” went viral, reigning at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by February 2011. He allows himself to be vulnerable throughout the docu-series, admitting that having his son with Amber Rose has made him a better person and prompted him to prioritize self care more. He touched upon how humbling it was to have his parents speak so highly of him.

“It was weird because I’m not used to hearing my parents talk about me, we just talk about everyday stuff. It made me really appreciate their perspective and their point of view.”

Although he’s been opening up more in front of the camera, he hasn’t always been this way, admitting that it took a couple of interviews for him to get comfortable.

“The process was really different fro me because I’m used to doing interviews and not relaly giving a f*ck about them. It’s usually someone prying on you or trying to get you to say some sh*t that you didn’t even want to say. Anyone who really knows me knows it takes a second to pull back the layers to really get to see who I really am. That’s what the interviewing process was like – it took about two interviews to really get comfortable, but that’s just me, I don’t let people straight in.”

Behind The Cam is available for streaming on Apple Music.