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‘X-Men ’97’ Trailer Teases Potential Captain America Appearance

The official trailer for Disney+’s X-Men ’97 insinuates that Captain America might appear in the series’ upcoming episodes. Fans believe the Marvel superhero is destined to make an appearance in X-Men: The Animated Series. Not to mention the teaser for the series’ new episodes coyly slides in a snapshot of Captain America’s shield. As it propels in the air, the superhero’s protection weapon lands in some snow, further raising fans’ belief about his cameo in the series. X-Men 97′ will kick back off with five brand-new episodes. The fifth one will conclude a Marvel fan dream.

Similarly, the series will highlight Magneto and Gambit passing away while defending the mutant nation against the nation of Genosha. Viewers were unsure about the move to kill off Gambit and Magneto because the X-Men universe was starting to accept them as partially good guys. But, it’ll be intriguing to see 2 of Marvel’s favorite villains take their final battle.

Photo Creds to What’s On Disney Plus

All-in-all, the series is not scared to crush the X-Men historians who follow the Magneto storyline. But to, according to Jake Castorena, “capture big moments and change the origin of the show.”

Given the trailer’s context, it seems right to assume Captain America will seek justice for those who protect his people. To better put it, the X-Men are ready to take on the next turn of events.