Chanti McCoy has had a passion for Hip Hop ever since she was 13 years old. She dealt with periods of loneliness and depression after moving in with her grandmother in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to avoid the dangers of her Brooklyn neighborhood. She turned to Hip Hop for comfort, and used it as an escape from reality.

Chanti is influenced successful female hip-hop artists Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, she started writing raps at the age of 14. Chanti kept it a secret until her friend Nicole heard her rapping and urged her to take it seriously.

After getting kicked out of her grandmother's house at 17 years old, she did everything to survive. From different retail jobs to selling drugs. Chanti still wrote rhymes in the interim, and was introduced to a DJ by her friend Nicole. In that meeting, she recorded her first rap song and met a supportive boyfriend.

Her boyfriend supported her career financially and connected her with hip-hop artist Sauce Money, who Chanti looked to as a mentor. The two worked together for a short period of time and she also met Cutmaster C who filmed music DVDs documenting every relevant artist of the time. Chanti's relationship eventually ended and she eventually had to put rap in the back seat due to economic hardship, and became a realtor.

But she couldn't shake her love for music, and returned to the scene in 2007. She linked up with DJ Cannon in Atlanta, and that inspired her to start back rapping. She began recording music again and paired with Uncle Murda who instantly believed in her and crowned her the first lady of his GMG music label. Chanti and Uncle Murda have collaborated on records “Super Freak”, “The First 48 Real Only” and “Peel Her Off” off his latest mixtape. She also collaborated with Fabolous on “I Got Work” and on Corte Ellis’ “Making Love To The Money” featuring French Montana. Her latest single, "Errbody," is available to stream everywhere.

Chanti McCoy's sexy and appealing identity as well as lyrical content, keeps her fans wanting more and wondering what is next on her many roads to musical endeavors.


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