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Movie Talk Episode 5

The Feature Presentation is back this week with the whole gang ready to spew their opinions regarding the Justice League teaser, Coming 2 America’s second trailer, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier sneak peek and the most recent episode of Wandavision.

DJ Suss One starts off the conversation with one of history’s favorite movies, Coming 2 America. The entire crew is on board and excited for the second installment to come out as it brings them all back to their childhood. Joey Franchize proposed his concern as to how Akeem had the time to do “f*ckboy sh*t” to which Suss points out we’re going to have to wait until the movie to find out the answer to that question.

Next up, Pretty Lou shows some excitement when Suss brings up the topic of Falcon and The Winter Soldier trailer that dropped during the Super Bowl as he mentions that the best part about it was seeing Falcon from the back dressed up as Captain America. Kwazi chimes in and emphasizes on the action teasers they have seen so far and the spy elements of the plot. Franchize adds that the series is just in time to compliment Wandavision.

The discussion leads to Zack Snyder’s Justice League where Suss defends the director regarding his visuals although he was not happy with Batman vs Superman but he is looking forward to the upcoming film. Pretty Lou compares DC Comics to a novel stating that it should stay “dark” instead of being super kid friendly agreeing with Franchize as they talk about how each character’s story will be broken down.

Kwazi is still trying to convince Suss that Wandavision is a good show. He states that it only started off slow to build up the storyline but everything ties together as the series goes on.

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