Bennie Bates Drops Visual For “We Don’t Care”

F-Town’s top dog, Bennie Bates, recently dropped a single titled ”We Don’t Care” that’s guaranteed to make anyone do their hardest shuffle. Over a drill-inspired soundscape, the New Jersey native bangs in with the 808’s and comes heavy with an untouchable flex. Ironically, the track’s starting point resonates with his 2018 smash hit, “When I’m Famous,” as well. Off the rip, Bates tells it like it is, unafraid of calling one’s bluff ”if you ain’t gang/we don’t care what you talk about.” That goes to say that Bates has other things to focus on other than someone’s shade towards him. Ultimately, his status alone speaks volumes. Since a youngin’, Bates has been working. 

As mentioned in my previous work, “Bate’s passion for music is seriously valid. With every track, comes an oscillating flow that bounces along with a new soundscape and bellowing baseline.” This time, the “Leverage” rapper taps into a gully cadence that makes an opposer’s blood run cold.

Between the hype sound elements, he raps a mile a minute, proving that he’s a force to be reckoned with. For instance, listen carefully during the 0:33-0:45 mark. One notable line even says, “I pull up to the scene rocking denim/Yeah this sh*t wet from the drip off my jeans/B*tch I got it right now on my city/Ain’t no illusion. It is what it seems.” As the track moves forward, expect the ‘this song goes dumb’ comments to spread out. By and large, “We Don’t Care” will have its foot on the necks of blabbermouths. 

Check out the visual above